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Free Download Simple Traffic Bot

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Download Simple Traffic Bot for Free .

Tool ID 1
Tool Name: Simple Traffic Bot
Upload Date: 6/23/2019
Platform: Windows OS


Simple Traffic Bot , is intended to assist clients with increasing their sites traffic with a unique, in a basic way



-100% Adsense Safe

-Increase Your Alexa Rank

-100% shown in Google analytics

-NO intermediary need consequently reproduce various areas

-Reenact 418 client operator to reproduce various gadgets

-Reenact 28 screen Size

-Reenact 34 screen width and stature

-Reenact 25 internet browser dialects

-Reenact 968 unique kinds of referrals

-Reproduce all internet browsers (google chrome, mozilla firefox, web voyager, drama …)

-Reproduce all gadgets (PCs, tablets, cell phones)

-Reproduce all working framework (Windows 10, 8 , 7 , linux , ubuntu , fedora , Macintosh Mac-Os, android , ios)

-Run performs various tasks in the meantime

-Reproduce human’s task scroll and so forth…




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