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Learn Machine Learning Engineering with Python Step by Step

Free Download Machine Learning Engineering with Python PDF file. This PDF notes is very interesting. In this notes you’ll learn about machine learning engineering in python language. Python is a high level programing language. It is easy to use and easy to transform. In this notes you’ll learn about machine learning tools and its usage.

In this practical guide you’ll learn Introduction of machine learning engineering and Learn about   its development process. This practical guide teaches you that how to handle or solve real time problems. This notes very helpful for engineers, developers, students and researchers. In this notes you’ll learn ML engineering techniques and you clear your concepts by code examples. You download this notes free from given link.

This Notes divided into Three Parts

  • What is Machine Learning Engineering?
  • Machine Learning Development and Deployment
  • End to End Examples

You Cover These Topics:

ML Engineering Introduction

Learn Technical Requirements

Learn High Level Machine Learning System Design

Learn Machine Learning Development Process

Setting Up Your Tool

Learn from model to Model Factory

Defining the Model Factory

Learning about Learning

Packaging Up

Choosing a Style

Building your Packages

Learn Deployment Patterns and Tools

Architecture Systems

Micro services

Scaling Up

Learn Scaling with Spark


Spark Tips and Tricks

Building an Example ML Micro service

Understanding the forecasting problems

Learn Building an Extract Transform Machine Learning Use Case



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