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Learn Software Architecture Patterns with Python Step By Step

Download Software Architecture with Python free in PDF. This Notes is for Python developers who wants to learn about architecture to become a good architect to build a product to satisfy business need. By this notes you’ll easily understand different architecture quality and requirements.

By this notes you’ll understand to build a product, it’s maintenance, performance, security usability by it’s business requirements. This notes help you that how to become a good and a successful software architect and how to design a highly scalable python applications.

You Will Learn These Topics From This Notes:

1.Principal of Software Architecture

  • Design Software Architecture
  • Characteristics of Software Architecture
  • Importance of Software Architecture
  • System Versus Enterprise Architecture
  • Architectural Quality Attributes

2. Writing Modifiable and Readable Code

  • What is modifiability?
  • Understand Readability
  • Fundamental of Modifiability-Cohesion & Coupling
  • Exploring Strategies for Modifiability
  • Refactoring Code

3. Testability: Writing Testable Code

  • Understanding Testability
  • Whitebox Testing Principal
  • Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing in Action
  • Test-Driven Development
  • TDD with Palindromes

4. Good Performance is Rewarding

  • What is Performance?
  • Software Performance Engineering
  • Performance Testing and Measurement Tools
  • Performance Complexity
  • Profiling
  • Programing for Performance: Data Structure

5. Writing Application that Scale

  • Scalability and Performance
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Multithreading: Python and Gil
  • Multithreading and Multiprocessing
  • Scaling for the Web

6. Security: Writing Secure Code

  • Information Security Architecture
  • Secure Coding
  • Security Issue with Web Application
  • Is Python Secure?
  • Security Issue with Web Application
  • strategies for Security: Python

7. Design Pattern in Python

  • Design Patterns: Elements
  • categories of Design Patterns
  • Patterns in Python: Creational
  • Patterns in Python : Structural
  • Patterns in Python: Behavioral

8. Python: Architectural Pattern

  • Introducing MVC
  • Event Driven Programing
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Pipe and Filters Architectures

9. Deploying Python Applications

  • Deployability
  • Tiers of Software Deployment Architecture
  • Software Deployment in Python
  • Packaging Python Code
  • Packaging and Submission of an Application
  • Deployment: Patterns and Best Practices  

10. Techniques for Debugging

  • Maximum Subarray Problems
  • Simple Debugging Tricks and Techniques
  • Logging as a Debugging Technique
  • Debugging Tools: Using Debuggers
  • Advance Debugging: Tracing



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