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Advance House Rent Management System in c# with source code

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Free Download Advance House Rent Management System in  C# Desktop Application with  Source code and Database .Advance House Rent Management is customized House Rent Management that can use to  Enable user to add new customer, edit details of existing customer, delete customer, view a report about customers based on either gender, house number or overall customers. you can Manage your Burger Shop,Drink Shop. Its  Very Easy to use . This desktop application 100% working smooth without any bug. It is developed using c# and Database text files. This software code helpful in academic projects for final year students. We have a great collection of c# Free Source Code Projects

Main Features of  House Rent Management System

Main Features are:

  • Add Houses
  • Add Houses Images
  • Add House Types
  • Add House Location
  • Add Customer Information
  • Add Vendors Information with house
  • System user Rights
  • System user Working Detail
  • Find Matching House
  • Find Location house
  • payment Record
  • Payment with user

You can access the system using the following accounts.

  • Username : admin
  • Password:admin

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