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Artificial Intelligence from Scratch for beginners PDF Notes

Free download Artificial Intelligence course in PDF file. An artificial intelligence is like of human intelligence in machine that have been trained to act and think like a human. In this course you’ll learn briefly about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence offers a computational environment for people to put their theories to the test. In this notes you can cover both traditional and modern approaches of the problem. This notes very useful for researcher’s developers and those who is interested in artificial intelligence

In this course you’ll learn briefly introduction of artificial intelligence. you’ll learn heuristic function, hill climbing, iterated hill climbing, dendral and goal stack planning. In this course you’ll clear your concept by practicing the given example. By this course you’ll learn how to solve real time problems. You can easily download this PDF file free by the given link.

You Can Cover These Topics:

Learn Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

State Space Search

Simple Search 1

Quality of Solution

Heuristic Search

Local Maxima

Peak to Peak Methods

Beam Search

Genetic Algorithms

Finding Optimal Paths


Rule Based Expert System


Plan State Planning

Beyond Search

Game Playing

Strategic Retreat

Higher Order Consistency

Advance Planning Methods

Durative Actions

Knowledge Based Reasoning

Logic and Inference

First Order Logic

Formal Logic

Backward Chaining

Concept and Languages

Conceptual Analysis

Structured Knowledge Representation

Description Logics

Case Based Reasoning

Natural Language Generation

Probabilistic Reasoning

Machine Learning

Decision Trees

Concept Learning



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