Artificial Intelligence Help Twitter to Verify Information

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, refers to systems or machines that accomplish tasks by mimicking human intelligence and can iteratively improve themselves based on the data they collect. AI takes many forms. AI is much more about the process and the ability to think faster and analyses data than it is about any certain structure or function. Although ideas of high-functioning, human-like robots taking over the world conjure up images of AI, the technology is not intended to replace people. Its goal is to significantly improve human abilities and contributions. As a result, it is a very valuable commercial asset.

Artificial intelligence is used by developers to automate processes that would otherwise be done by hand, connect with clients, spot patterns, and solve problems. To begin working with AI, developers must have a mathematical background and be familiar with algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence Help Twitter to Verify Information

Twitter has undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives, with over 326 million monthly active users. Twitter provides its users with a variety of entertainment alternatives, ranging from celebrity feuds to trending news. Not only that, but businesses can use the platform to promote events, market, and raise brand awareness. No surprise, the platform is employing artificial intelligence to enhance the experience of Twitter users. Let’s take a look at how Twitter uses artificial intelligence and what other organizations can learn from it.

One of the key issues that Twitter faced was providing relevant tweet suggestions to each user. While a fashion-related tweet may be interesting to one person, it may not be to another. Artificial intelligence was a tool that helped Twitter do this. Now, AI algorithms are employed to scan and evaluate numerous tweets in order to rank them based on each individual’s tastes. Twitter uses artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to enhance the user experience. For example, the company is now utilizing AI for image cropping to provide users with a virtually exact crop.

Twitter takes massive amounts of data and then runs it through deep neural network systems to determine which people want to see which kind of content. Every tweet is graded in order to determine whether a user wants to see it in their feed. The ranking model takes into account a variety of factors, including:

  • The content of the tweet
  • Count of likes and retweets
  • The users’ relationship with the tweet’s author
  • If the user has previously interacted with this author.
  • If the relevancy score derived from all of these criteria is high, the user is more likely to see a tweet.

The AI wave cannot be stopped now. Twitter is continually working to improve its algorithms in order to improve its services. They are eager to accelerate the procedure and improve the quality of the algorithms in order to provide advanced, real-time updates. Furthermore, Twitter is utilizing IBM Watson to improve platform content quality by deleting rude and abusive messages.

To increase the quality of tweets given to each user, the company is continually utilizing new technologies and tools, as well as expert experience. They are eager to improve the overall user experience.

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