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Build Dynamic Website with Ruby on Rails Step By Step

Free Download Building Dynamic Web 2.0 Website with Ruby on Rails in PDF. This is a practical guide where you learn about how to build an impressive website. In this notes you’ll learn how to you add new features in site. You’ll learn business applications, techniques and new skills.

By this notes you’ll learn how to design a Completely feature website. This notes is for those who have knowledge about object oriented programing and for developer, technician who wants to design a successful or impressive website. 

You Learn These Topics From This Notes:

1. Getting Started with Ruby and RoR

  • Ruby and RoR- The Next Level in Dynamic Web Development
  • Installing and Configuring Ruby and RoR
  • Testing the Installation
  • One Click RoR Installation
  • Summary

2. Getting to Know Ruby and RoR

  • Ruby The Basics
  • Classes, Attributes, Methods and Objects
  • Data Types
  • RoR Concepts and Components
  • Hello World The RoR Way
  • Setting Up The Application Structure

3. Tale Wiki The Basic Setup

  • Understanding the Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Designing the Database
  • Tale Wiki Developing the Tale Management Module
  • Testing the Application

4. Managing the Users

  • Understanding the Requirements
  • Designing the Tables
  • Developing the User Management
  • Developing the Role Management
  • Developing the User Management Functionality
  • Testing the Functionalities

5. Gathering User Comment

  • Understanding the Requirements
  • Login Management
  • Managing the Comments
  • Designing the Database
  • Developing the Login Management Module
  • Developing the Comment Management Module
  • Testing Module

6. Setting Up the Template

  • Understanding Migration
  • Generating Migration Classes
  • Editing the Generating Classes
  • Customizing the Template
  • Setting Up the Navigation
  • Testing the Application

7. Tagging the Tales

  • Understanding the Requirements
  • Developing the Tag Management Module
  • Selecting a Plug in for Tag Management
  • Installing the Plug in
  • Adding a Tag

8. Enhancing User Experience with Ajax

  • Understanding the Requirements
  • Implementing Ajax
  • What is Ajax?
  • How Ajax and RoR are Related
  • Implementing the Live Search
  • Implementing the In Light Editing
  • Testing the Modification

9. Developing the Interface for Administration

  • Understanding the Requirements 
  • Implementing the Functionalities
  • Modification of the Deletion of Tales
  • Implementing Auto Complete For the User Name
  • Testing the Modification

10. Developing the Tale Wiki

  • Understanding the Production Environment
  • Development Mode
  • Test Mode
  • Production Mode
  • Changing to the Production Environment
  • Migrating to the Production Database
  • Configuring Mongrel


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