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Designing Data Intensive Applications PDF Notes

Download Designing Data Intensive Free in PDF. In this awesome notes You’ll learn how to design intensive data applications. In this notes you’ll learn about the technologies and make efficient data applications. This PDF notes teach you the technologies for process the data.

By this notes you have generate new ideas and this notes helpful for researchers, developers and anyone who needs more information. by this notes you will apply new ideas to build successful data applications. This notes is very helpful and useful. In this notes there is some examples that clear your all concepts.

You Will Learn These Topics From This Notes:

  • Reliable, Scalable and Maintainable Applications
  •  Data Models and Query Language
  •  Storage and Retrieval


More Key Topics you will learn with the Help of : 

  • Encoding and Evolution
  •  Replication
  •  Partitioning
  •  Transaction
  • The Trouble with Distributed System
  •  Consistency and Consensus
  •  Batch Processing
  •  Stream Processing
  • The Future of Data System



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