Ethical Concerns of Artificial Intelligence



The ethical issues are raised by the development and the deployment of everything by using of artificial intelligence. All the terms in artificial intelligence have benefits to presents the findings of the developing project and by which used case studies to identify what people perceived to develop by the intelligence and resolve all the ethical issues. There are many issues which is resolved only under special methods and these problem can’t handle with other problem solving that is why it is important to resolved under special or specific method. Human are most discussed points and foundation of Artificial intelligence with ethics which has provided the foundational basis to the selected book or work.

Methodology of ethics and the artificial intelligence

  • The whole team of employees which is selected for the work to monitoring and administration the project in right way.
  • The good help of government al included in the project for more good results
  •  The agricultural efforts also included
  • The good and sustainable development too
  • The much efforts of science included because all the technology are the terms of science.
  • The insurance used in it.
  • The power of energy and utilities are used
  • The good skills of communications and media and entertainment
  • The retail and wholesale trade must use for consume the budget
  • The manufacturing and natural resources must be in it.

Main issues that may occurs in ethics

  1. The overall Cost to innovation and to work for better result
  2. The damage and Harm to physical integrity must be in focus
  3. It is the biggest issue that here Lack of access to public services for everyone
  4. The second biggest issue is Lack of trust. People trust less and never gives the ease to anyone
  5. Awakening of artificial intelligence also a issue in this field
  6. The main and must to solve is Security problems because security provides the people ease and people trust on if the security is good
  7. The Lack of quality data is the issue must to be resolved because it also break the trust of customers.
  8. Resources are less and the option of work and Disappearance of jobs. A lot of people in the search of jobs with high degrees and good work but they are job less
  9. The Power asymmetries in it less.
  10. Also so much Negative impact on health that disturb the mental health too. When people never mentally or physically stable then how they work in with full focus.
  11. Too many Problems of integrity also under process
  12. Data must be accurate but here Lack of accuracy of data
  13. Privacy must be on point but here Lack of privacy
  14. Here too much Lack of transparency
  15. The Potential for military use must be fulfil
  16. Here Lack of informed consent. For valuable results and for gaining the trust of people or customers it is must to be updated
  17. Unfairness is also a major issue in this case



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