Face and Text recognition and Tracker in Python Source code

Free Download Advance Face recognition and Body Temperature Detection , Tracker in Python With Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Tutorial Source code and Database . Advance Face recognition and Body Temperature Detection System  is customized System that can use to Detect Face and Temperature of Registered Employee with the help of Camera  Than and print daily Employee Status Report Report.

You can Download Free Source code for Learning Purpose

Face Recognition System Develop Using 

2-Advance Python
3-Deep Learning
3-Artificial Intelligence

Install Your face recognition Libraries  

In the Start you have to install Face recognition Libraries here the Detail

  • dlib
  • Face recognition

let’s install  dlib and the face_recognition packages.

Install dlib with GPU Support 

Install dlib without  GPU Support 

Install Face recognition Packages 

Download Full Source code with Step By Step Detail 

Download code   

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