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Free Download School Management System ERP in c# (Windows Application)with Source code

Free Download School Management System ERP open source application in c# (Window Application) with source code .This desktop application 100% in  working. It is developed using c# and Database Design in MSSQL. This Application code is helpful for Last Semester Student to make final year project. We have a great collection of c# open source projects
Project ID 25
Project Name: School Management System ERP
Upload Date: 7-14-2019
Platform: C# Desktop Application
Programming Language: C#
IDE Tool: Visual Studio 2012
Database: MSSQL
Database Tool: SQL Management Studio 2014
  Description Download School Management System ERP Developed in c# (windows application).This ERP helps run the school, college ,university on System Here some Main Features of This system. 
  • Course Registration .
  • Books Registration.
  • Assign Books to Course.
  • Class Registration.
  • attendance History .
  • Leave Record.
  • Leave yearly Transfer.
  • HOD permission.
  • Leave Rejection Record.
  • Keep contact Records.
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