Future Programming Languages with Pros and Cons


The most important way to get success in work a person is to improve their skill by using computer and a person must need to learn all the terms about the world and information about how to write a computer program. The computers are most important tool now a days behind every work of daily life and it is also entered in almost every industry. It is used in different works like it is used in autopilot in an aircraft or digital speedometer and even also in your bike so the computers in various forms surround us by it all mean. The term are Computers are used to enhance and it is extremely useful for an organization to scale up well and get more and more success. If we look some years back then people depends on pen and paper all work done on file base system that are very time consuming method but now we are in advance world where we store and access our all information from one place and you absolutely need computers for storing sharing and accessing .

Programing languages information

For programming and development which is done by developers in this way the developers must talk with some communities so it compulsory to emerging these terms at a rate faster than ever before. So there are many languages that are used in future and our future totally depends on them because the next time becomes the world of advancement. So for using a computer application you must have knowledge about them and for developing such applications you must learn the programming languages first.

Python language:


  1. In python language you must Creating and using classes and objects is easy object oriented programing characteristics
  2. Python have Extensive library support in programing
  3. Python must Focuses on code readability for ease
  4. Python Has the ability to scale even the most complex applications and convert into easy work
  5. Python is Ideal for building prototypes and testing out ideas faster because it less complex
  6. Python is Open source with an ever growing community support to it
  7. Python Provides the support for a multitude of platforms and systems for single user
  8. It is most important and Very easy to learn and use.


  1. It is Not suitable for mobile computing at all.
  2. Python is Slower by virtue of being an interpreted programming language
  3. In python Threading is not good because of GIL. The GIL used globally.

Java programming language:


  1. Java is an abundance of open source libraries
  2. Automatic memory allocation and garbage collection
  3. Java must Follows the OOP paradigm
  4. Java Has the stack allocation system which make it convenient
  5. Java is A high degree of platform which means it is independence thanks to the JVM feature
  6. Java Supports multithreading for developer ease


  1. Java cannot have proper of templates limits creating high-quality data structures
  2. Java is more Expensive just because of memory management
  3. It is Slower than natively compiled programming languages for example C and C++

Go programming language


  1. Go programming is Backed by Google
  2. Go programming is Being a statically typed language makes it more secure
  3. It have Cleaner syntax makes it easier to learn
  4. Go programming have Smart documentation
  5. The biggest advantages of go programming is it is Very fast as it is compiled to machine code


  1. Go programming have Implicit interfaces
  2. Go programming also have Lacks versatility
  3. Go programming have No GUI library
  4. It is also Underprivileged library support


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