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Hospital management System ERP open source Free Download

Free Download Hospital management System ERP open source software  in VB.Net desktop Application  with  Source code and Database . Vb.Net Desktop Application Project Source codes. Vb.net Final year Project with Source code for Students.This is a customized Hospital management System ERP System is use to manage the Hospital Record Like OPD,IPD,HR Etc. This desktop application 100% in working s. We have a great collection of c# Free Source Code Projects

Main Features of  Hospital Management System

Main Features are:


  • General Settings
  • Patient Deposit Register
  • OP Register
  • Discharge Register
  • Follow up visit register
  • Patient Diagnostics Details
  • Doctors Comments and Recommendations
  • Patients Prescription Details
  • Patient Transactions
  • Patient Transaction Utility
  • Medical Record Management
  • Inpatient Registration
  • Service Master
  • Account Head Register
  • Expense Master
  • Diagnostics Master
  • Investigation Master
  • Doctor Specialization Master
  • Resource Master
  •  Appointments
  • Appointment Visit Register
  • Company Profile Settings
  • Branch Profile Settings
  • User Rights Assignment
  • Prescription Template Master
  • Expense Charge Setting

You can access the system by using this account

  • Username : admin
  • Password:admin

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