How Data Structures are Used in Real World


When we talked about it so it is very vast majority used today’s and the biggest example of it is social media. People all around the world connect with each other through social media. From the origin of the primary programming languages to the fashionable programming languages presently in use, computer programing has evolved quite lot. it’s currently become additional powerful, efficient, and advanced. However, the basic ideas and use of information structure and algorithms in laptop programming haven’t changed. It must be the core of computer programming from the beginning. you may have detected DSA getting used in the main within the field of computer science. However, the employment of DSA isn’t restricted to the sector of computing. we will conjointly notice the construct of DSA being used in day to day life. during this blog, we’ll discuss the common construct of DSA that’s utilized in everyday life. however before that, let’ learn the fundamentals of information Structure and Algorithms first.

Examples of data structure which is used in daily life to fulfil the needs of humans


 It is the most used data structure. If we look around and as we know that we can be a collection of books on your table and clothes in a wardrobe and pens in your pen stand by the help of arrays.


Queue works as first in first out manner. If you’ve already waited in line with something such as a bus or movie tickets where the first person in the line processed first, then you experienced this common data structure.


In daily life examples we see at the pile of dishes which is stored in your kitchen racks and organize manners. It is used for und redo operation in word processors, mathematical expression evaluation, and syntax parsing in any software program.


 Think of your friends on Facebook. In the graphs all is depends on the connection s and They are connected to you like a graph and to others in the form of a graph.


The hierarchy of coworkers in an office could be compared to a tree data structure. And the tree you will must find to used in many applications and terms.

 Hash Table:

 It is also used in symbol trees for compilers and in every type of database indexing and memory caches and unique data representation. Sorting algorithms: As the name suggests sorting algorithms like bubble sort or quick sort are used to order data values or objects in computer programming.

 Greedy Algorithms:

When you want all the best results in all time then time you choose the best one from a collection of raw data and things which is depends it is food or clothes and you are selected by the greedy approach. As we know some unique algorithms used for finding the minimum spanning trees. Some other typed unique algorithm is used in applications like google map finding.

Searching Algorithms:

 When we want to get data and fetch data and the data from its databases and every application uses searching algorithms because algos results are must be true in every condition and it to process the searching request


You will see the idea of trie when you look for any word in the dictionary. This application is used to recheck the spellings and auto select the words.


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