How Machine Learning Helps in Covid-19


Machine learning provides Effective screening which is quick and efficient diagnosis of COVID-19 and it can reduce the burden on healthcare systems and reduce the chances of effects on staff. The biggest benefit of machine learning is Prediction which provides the models that combine several features to estimate the total risk of infection which have collected by samples. The main desire of it is to assist medical staff worldwide in effective patients mostly in the condition of limited healthcare resources and hospitals to provide good care. In this situation we develop a machine learning method to that trained on records which people actually effected and CORONA positive. Models that developed with machine learning provides the l predicted COVID-19 test results with high accuracy by using only eight binary features which is age and sex or contact of those persons  with an infected individual and the appearance of five initial symptoms which confirms it.

Machine learning and COVID

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by the some continues to pose a difficult and vital fear to the everybody around the global and also effects the global health. This is started from the early December 2019 in the China which is spread worldwide after china fully effected. If we talked about October 2020 and the total spread and overall number of patients confirmed to have the disease has crossed the limit of estimated range 39,500,000 which spread in more than 180 countries and by  the number of people infected much higher than this ratio. If we talk about the deaths these was more than 1,110,000.

Some highlighted points where machine learning help us for fighting with this situation which is following

Identify who is most at risk

Diagnose patients

Develop drugs faster

Finding existing drugs that can help

Predict the spread of the disease

Understand viruses better

Map where viruses come

Predict the next pandemic.

Explain COVID and machine learning :

 The term Machine learning proved to be most important in predicting risks in many ways. Machine learning and medical risk specifically predicted and machine learning is interesting in three key ways.

These three keys are following:

  • Infection risk
  • Severity risk
  • Outcome risk

If we talk about how can we find out the COVID patients. There are some terms that explains how a patient confirmed as COVID positive.


Preexisting conditions

General hygiene habits

Social habits

Number of human interactions

Frequency of interactions

Location and climate

Socio-economic status

Using machine learning developed chat bots for doctors and patient:

When doctors spend too much time answering the every question of a patient in this way doctors have less time to focus on treating patients who need them more because every patient have different way of interacting with doctors . Many countries have a chat bot developed system for online queries of patient that takes less time and reduce the overall time of systems and when patients complete their questionnaire about their symptoms and medical history properly before the doctor advice without visited the doctor simply staying at home the only he want to do is do a call to a doctor and then without wasted time visit a hospital.



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