How to Detect ChatGPT Generated Content


The Percent Human is a Google Chrome browser extension that helps teachers and students identify AI and their generated content. This extension can detect and flag AI and generated content and so users are warned and aware of the authenticity of the work.This extension is perfect for teachers who and want to ensure their students create their own original work. The ChatGPT is good for a variety of tasks but is particularly good for writing articles. And while this has many obvious benefits and it also comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest obstacle to the publishing industry of AI and generated written content is the spread of disinformation. The Imagine someone with no medical experience setting up a medical blog and using ChatGPT to write content and for their posts.Your content may contain errors that only medical and professionals can detect. And if the content of this blog spreads across social media and maybe even shows up in a search engine and it could do a disservice to the people who read it and follow bad medical advice. The Another potential challenge of ChatGPT is how students can use it in their written work.

The ChatGPT has been online for almost 3 months. This tool is taking the world by storm. The possible applications are practically and unlimited and it is currently still in its infancy. The Given the growing interest in generative AI and particularly text and generating AI and critics have urged the developers of these tools to take steps to mitigate their potentially harmful effects. The Some of the largest school districts in the US have banned the use of ChatGPT on their networks and devices and fearing the impact on student learning and the accuracy of content created by the tool. The Sites like Stack Overflow have banned users from sharing content generated by ChatGPT and they saying the AI ​​makes it too easy for users to flood threads with questionable replies.

Open AI Text Classifier

The Open AI released AI Text Classifier on January. The AI Text Classifier is a refined GPT model and that expected What is the probability that a piece of text was generated by the AI ​​from different sources like ChatGPT. The access you can AI Text Classifier by going to AI classifier and log in to the site with your Open AI ChatGPT account. The Open AI tool is hosted on Hugging Face and is called GPT-2 Output Detector Demo developed by Open AI.


The Edward Tian updated the tool to GPTZeroX and on previously released as GPTZero on January. The tool looks for both embarrassment and explosion. The Awkwardness measures the likelihood of a bot suggesting each word and man would be more relaxed. The Burstiness measures the embarrassment leaps of each set. A bot will likely and exhibit a similar level of awkwardness from sentence to sentence and but a human will likely write with spikes and perhaps a long complex sentence followed by a shorter sentence.

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