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Introduction to c++ | C++ Concept PDF

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Introduction To C++  Concept Step By Step PDF.Learn c++  interview Questions.C++ Types. C++ History.c++ for beginners.

What Is c++

C++ is a multi-paradigm programming language that supports object oriented programming (OOP) created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983 at Bell labs, C++ is an extension of C programming and the programs written in C language can run in C++ compiler.

The development of C++ actually began four years before its release, in 1979. It did not start with the name C++. Its first name was C with classes

Difference Between c and C++



C is Procedural Language C++ is non-Procedural i.e. Object oriented Language
Top down approach is used in Program Design Bottom up approach adopted in Program Design
Multiple Declaration of global variables are allowed Multiple Declaration of global variables are not allowed
C requires all the variables to be defined at the starting of a scope C++ allows the declaration of variable anywhere in the scope i.e. at time of its First use
In C, malloc () and calloc () Functions are used for Memory Allocation and free () function for memory Deallocating In C++, new and delete operators are used for Memory Allocating and Deallocating


  • C++ is used by programmers to develop computer software
  • It is used to create general system software
  • Used to build drivers for various computer devices
  • Software for servers and software for specific applications
  • Used in the creation of video games


  • C++ is relatively-low level and is a systems programming language.
  • It has a large community.  It has a relatively clear and mature standard.
  • Modularity’
  • Re usability and readability


  • Data is global or local.
  • It emphasis on instructions bur not on data.
  • It can be generally heavy if not careful.
  • Data is global and global data does not have security.


C++ Standard Library can be categories into two parts:

  • The standard function library:

This library consists of general-purpose, stand-alone function that are not part of any class. The function library is inherited from C.

  • The object oriented class library:

This is a collection of classes and associated function. Standard C++ library incorporates all the standard C libraries also, with small additions and changes to support type safety

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