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JavaScript Complete Tutorial step by step web programming PDF

Learn Python from Beginner to Advance Download Full Advance Course PDF .With the Help of this PDF course You will be able to learn JavaScript  Step By Step With Real-time code Examples. You can download this Book / Notes Free of cost.

Introduction To JavaScript  in Simple Words 

JavaScript is a computer language that helps websites become more interactive and dynamic. It’s like the glue that holds web pages together. Whenever someone visit a webpage and click on buttons, fill out forms, or see animations its All About JavaScript. It can do things like change the content on a page without needing to reload it, make pop-up messages, and even remember information you’ve entered. In a nutshell, JavaScript makes websites feel alive and responsive, allowing you to do more than just look at static information

  • a lightweight programming language (“scripting language”)
  • used to make web pages interactive
  • insert dynamic text into HTML (ex: user name)
  • react to events (ex: page load user click)
  • get information about a user’s computer (ex: browser type)
  • perform calculations on user’s computer (ex: form validation)

JavaScript VS Java 

  • interpreted, not compiled
  • more relaxed syntax and rules
  • fewer and “looser” data types
  • variables don’t need to be declared
  • errors often silent (few exceptions)
  • key construct is the function rather than the class
  • “first-class” functions are used in many situations
  • contained within a web page and integrates with its HTML/CSS content

Basic JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
What is JavaScript?
How is JavaScript used in web development?
Setting up a development environment.
  • Variables and Data Types
Declaring variables
Data types
Variable naming conventions.
  • Operators and Expressions
Arithmetic operators
Comparison operators
Logical operators.
  • Conditional Statements
if statements
switch statements
else and else if statements.
  • Loops
for loop / While Loop
do…while loop
Loop control statements
  • Arrays
Creating arrays
Accessing and modifying array elements
Array methods
  • Functions
Declaring and calling functions.
Function parameters and return values
Function scope
  • Object
Creating objects.
Accessing and modifying object properties
Function scope

Intermediate JavaScript

  • DOM Manipulation
What is the Document Object Model
Selecting and modifying HTML elements
Handling events
  • Async JavaScript
Callback functions
  • Error Handling
Try , catch statements
Throwing and handling custom exceptions
  • Local Storage
Storing and retrieving data using the localStorage API
  • AJAX and Fetch
Making asynchronous HTTP requests
Handling responses

Advanced JavaScript

  • Closures and Scope
Understanding closures
Lexical scope vs. dynamic scope
  • Prototype and Inheritance
Prototypal inheritance in JavaScript
Object-oriented programming concepts
  • ES6 Features
Arrow functions
Template literals
Spread and rest operators
  • Modules
  • Design Patterns
  • Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security
  • Frameworks and Libraries
  • Build Tools

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