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JavaScript Complete Tutorial step by step web programming PDF

Introduction To Advanced JavaScript with Examples Step By Step Tutorial  Download PDF.We make This Course with the help of Stanford university.

Introduction To JavaScript 

  • a lightweight programming language (“scripting language”)
  • used to make web pages interactive
  • insert dynamic text into HTML (ex: user name)
  • react to events (ex: page load user click)
  • get information about a user’s computer (ex: browser type)
  • perform calculations on user’s computer (ex: form validation)

JavaScript VS Java 

  • interpreted, not compiled
  • more relaxed syntax and rules
  • fewer and “looser” data types
  • variables don’t need to be declared
  • errors often silent (few exceptions)
  • key construct is the function rather than the class
  • “first-class” functions are used in many situations
  • contained within a web page and integrates with its HTML/CSS content

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