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Learn CNC Machine from Scratch from Beginning to Advance

You can download these notes from this website without any cost. In these notes you will learn to build your own CNC machine. First you have to know what CNC machine is. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. It is a computerized manufacturing process in which the motion of production equipment is controlled by pre-programmed software and code. CNC are automatic machines that are controlled by computers that follow pre-programmed orders.

These notes are very beneficial for those who want to make their own CNC machine. These notes consist of 19 chapters which cover every step that are important for making a CNC machine. You will learn about all the information about the CNC machine, its uses, its hardware and tools, tips and advice, movement using rails, joining methods, the electronics, arts of X-Axis, preparation and parts of Z-Axis, mounting the electronics and software and testing. By getting familiar with these notes you will be able to make your very own CNC machine.



CNC machine From Scratch






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These notes cover following topics

  • Your CNC machine
    • What is CNC
    • Your DIY CNC machine
  • Hardware and Tools
    • The tools
    • The electronic vendors
  • Tips and Advice
    • Cut once
    • Protect yourself
    • Protect your lungs
    • MDF sheets and sizes
  • Movement using Rails
    • Bearing-Rail Assembly
    • Riding the Rail
  • Joining Methods
    • Two pieces of MDF
    • Which method is best
    • Building a Jig to Drill
  • The Electronics
    • The Requirements components
    • Preparing the Stepper Motor Wires
    • Preparing the breakout Boat
    • Wiring the Cooling Fan
    • Testing the Electronics
  • X-Axis Part 1
    • The X-Axis MDF parts
    • The X-Axis Tables
    • Cutting Rails for Tabletop Sides
  • X-Axis Part 2
    • Drilling the Table
    • Drilling Holes for Legs
    • Cutting the Table Ends
  • X-Axis Part 3
    • Drilling the Table Ends
    • Drilling and Mounting the Rails
    • Attaching the Table Legs
    • Cutting the X-Axis Lead Screw
  • Y-Axis Part 1
    • The Y-Axis MDF Parts
      • Building BRAs for Gantry Sides
    • Y-Axis Part 2
      • The Y-Axis MDF Parts
      • Attaching BRAs and Gantry Sides
    • Y-Axis Part 3
      • The Y-Axis MDF Parts
      • The Rail Support
      • Finishing the Y-Axis Frame
      • Tips on Final Frame Assembly
    • Preparing for the Z-Axis
      • The Y-axis BRA Support
      • Measuring for the Z-Axis
    • Z-Axis Part 1
      • The Z-Axis MDF parts
      • Part F: The Z-Axis Rail Support
      • Part W and X: The Z-Axis Bearing Support
      • Z-Axis Bearing Rail Assembly
    • Z-Axis Part 2
      • Preparing to Drill
      • Drilling Part F: The Z-axis Rail Support
      • Drilling Parts W and X: The Z-Axis Bearing Supports
      • Mounting the Z-Axing Bearing-Rail Assemblies
    • Z-Axis Part 3
      • Cutting the Z-Axis Rail Support Rails
        • Drilling and Cutting Parts M and N
        • Cutting and Drilling Part V
      • Attaching the Z-Axis
      • Attaching the Z-Axis to the Machine
    • Mounting the Electronics
      • Cutting and Drilling the Motor Mounts
      • Mounting your Router
    • Software and Testing
      • CAD, CAM and Control Software
      • The Match3 Control Software
      • Downloading and Installing Match3
      • Configuring Match3
    • Where to Go from Here
      • Getting Familiar with CAD
      • Getting Familiar with CAM
      • Installing an Emergency Stop
      • Adding Limit Switches
      • Protecting and Painting your Machine



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