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Learn Linear Regression With python Step by Step

Download Linear Regression with python PDF notes free with the help of these points you will be able to learn about Linear Regression With python from Scratch (beginning) . As You know while we are working with Statistics and machine learning Regression analysis Playing very important role in both fields.

There are many regression methods available and linear regression is one of them.Main Purpose of Regression searches for relationships beyond Variables. you will get idea about regression with this example 

There is several employees in company try to understand how their salaries depend Qualification ,experience, role, city etc. Salaries Depends on these features.
This is Regression problem where data related to each employee represent.

 With Regression analysis we consider something of Interest with having number of observation and each pronominal with observation having more then 2 features. Following the assumption that (at least) one of the features
depends on the others, you try to establish a relation among them

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When Do You Need Regression

Linear Regression

Problem Formulation

Regression Performance

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Underfitting and Overfitting


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Python Packages for Linear Regression

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