Library Management system in Vb.net with source code

Free Download Library Management system in Vb.Net Desktop Application with  Source code and Database . Library Management system is customized Library system that can use to manage the Library Add Book ,Borrow Books,add student, overdue book,. The functions are very easy to use that can be learned in no time . Its Very Easy to use . This Application 100% working smooth . It is developed in vb.net and Database Designed in MSSql. This Application code is helpful for Last Semester Student to make final year project. We have a great collection of c# Free Source Code Projects

Project Detail

Project Name   Restaurant Billing Management System 
Programming Language  c#
Database MSSQL

Main Features of Restaurant Billing System

  • Inventory of Book
  • List of Borrowed
  • List of Returned
  • List of Overdue
  • Inclusive Dates
  • SMS notification
  • Manage Books
  • Manage Borrower
  • Manage Borrowing Books
  • Manage Returning Books
  • Manage Overdue Books
  • Manage Category of books
  • Manage Users
  • Generate Report
  • List of Books


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