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Introduction To OOP(object Oriented Programming) Concept Step By Step PDF.Top Reseached Based OOP interview Questions.OOP(object Oriented Programming) Principles. how to Implement OOP in Lanaguages

What Is OOP(Object oriented Programming) 

  • OOP was introduced to overcome flaws in  the procedural approach to programming.
  •  Such as lack of re usability & maintainability.
  •  Fundamental idea behind object‐oriented  languages is to combine into a single unit  both data and the functions that operate  on that data.
  •  Such a unit is called an object.

Why Do We Need Object‐Oriented  Programming.

  • Object‐Oriented Programming was  developed because limitations were  discovered in earlier approaches to  programming.
  • To appreciate what OOP does, we need to  understand what these limitations are and  how they arose from traditional  programming languages.

Basic Concepts of oops

1. Objects

2. Classes

3. Data Abstraction

4. Data Encapsulation

5. Inheritance

6. Polymorphism

7. Dynamic binding

8. Message Passing


Objects are  entities of an  object oriented system well.


classes  are  behaves like built in types of programming  language.

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