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Racing Game using openCV and Numpy libraries of Python

Free Download Racing Game with Steering Wheel using OpenCV and Numpy Libraries of Python complete source code.This is Gesture controlling game which is developed in Python Hand Gesture Or paper that is used for Steering . with the help of this project you will get experience of Virtual Drive like Same In real. 

  Racing Car  System Developed using 

OpenCV   -Python
Numpy Libraries   -Python

Project Description 

With the help of this project  you can drive Car you can take turn Right Left, Press Break Like other gaming Cars. you can Drive game with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time Single Player.


  • Awesome graphical view 
  • Control Turn Left 
  • Control Turn Right 
  • Control Turn Back 
  • Control Running Straight 
  • Control Running Back

Supporting Operating System 

  • MACos
  • Windows OS 

Project Run Guideline

1. Anaconda with a python 3.5 environment
2. Install the openCV library
3. Install the imutils library. You’ll have to do a conda install for that
4. Install pyobjc-framework-Quartz library

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