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Real time Number Plates Identifier and Counter in Python

Real time Number Plates Identifier / Detector and count vehicle is Develop with Technology of Image processing. This is automated System to Count and identified Number of plates on road with the help of camera.This System can be Used in many Field with the help of this system we can trace Vehicle , Traffic Monitoring, Payment on tolls on Highway.

With the Help of Real Time Number Plates Detector and Count Vehicle system we can Detector Speed of Vehicle on Road with Accuracy level 98.9 in any kind of environment. Quantity of camera will be awesome because camera is use to run time capture number Plate and and software that extracts the number plates from the captured images by using a character recognition tool that allows for pixels to be translated into numerical readable characters

Steps-Working of This System 

  • System will Detect Vehicle 
  • Localize Number plates 
  • Segment the Character 
  • Store Character in Database

Requirement to Run this Project 

Python 3.7



  • Hardware Requirement for This System
  • Laptop
  •  Camera

Anyone Need Source code Free you can Download 


Code Link

Tutorial Link 

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