Social Distancing Detector in Python with Deep learning Source code

Free Download Advance Social Distancing Detector in Python with Deep learning Tutorial & Source code and Database. Advance Social Distancing Detector is Develop in Python with open_CV , Deep Learning that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance from each other by analyzing real time video streams from the CCTV or Safety camera. You can Download Full Source code

Face Recognition system Develop Using 


How to perform Object Detection Using ImageAI  

  • Install Python on your computer system
  • Install ImageAI and its dependencies
  •  Download the Object Detection model file
  •  Run the sample codes

How to Start

1-Install Python 3 in your System From Python Official website

2-Install the following dependencies via pip


pip3 install tensorflow


pip3 install opencv-python


pip3 install keras


pip3 install imageai –upgrade

3-Download the RetinaNet model file that will be used for object detection



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