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Stationary Management System in c# with source code

Free Download Stationary Management System in  C# Desktop Application with  Source code and Database .Stationary Management System is customized Stationary Management System that can use to mange the stationary shop like add stationary with images records. Its  Very Easy to use .This desktop application 100% in  working. It is developed using c# and Database Design in MSSQL. This Application code is helpful for Last Semester Student to make final year project. We have a great collection of c# Free Source Code Projects

Main Features of  Patient Registration Management system

Main Features are:

  • Stationary Record(Add,Update,Delete)
  • Enter Record with Images
  • User rights with cask book
  • Enables Administrator to
    – post news to his/her workers
    – manage users
    – view sales
    – view/add stock
    – change his/her password
    – backup and restore database
    – send backup copy to the email
    – check for updates
  • Enables Normal user to
    – view news
    – sale a product
    – view stock
    – change his/her password

You can access the system using the following accounts.

  • Username : admin
  • Password: admin

Source Code 


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