Threads: The Rise of Instagram’s Counter-Attack on Twitter

Metaverse, Instagram’s parent business, has launched a counter-attack on Twitter with its latest release, Threads.

Currently, the Metaverse consists of a network of interconnected virtual worlds where users may do business, socialize with others, or participate in gaming experiences. While the Metaverse was once seen as largely catering to gamers, it now offers a diverse variety of prospects for companies to investigate.

Threads vs Twitter:

According to sources, there are some significant differences between Twitter and Threads.

  1. Threads have a character restriction of 500, whereas unverified Twitter accounts have a character limit of 280.
  2. Threads require users to have an Instagram account and the ability to import their bio information and followers from their current Instagram profile in order to use it.
  3. Unlike Twitter, Threads allows users to publish videos lasting up to five minutes, but non-verified Twitter users are limited to two minutes and 20 seconds.
  4. While Twitter’s site features trending subjects and personalized suggestions, the only way to explore Threads is to scroll down the home feed.
  5. Threads does not appear to have a post-draft capability at launch, which distinguishes it from Twitter.
  6. In order to start a thread on Threads, you must hit the enter key three times, as opposed to Twitter’s plus button.
  7. Unlike Twitter, Threads App does not have a separate tab for viewing other users’ profile likes.
  8. Threads App follows Instagram’s content restrictions and gives users with settings for muting and banning harassing accounts.
  9. Threads App is built on the Activity Pub social-networking protocol, allowing users to connect with a larger community outside of Instagram.

As of now, Threads does not display advertisements, although this may change in the future.


Threads: Instagram’s Twitter Counter-Attack App. Threads App provides a separate user experience with its unique features, larger character limits, and integrated privacy options. The competition between Threads and Twitter promises to keep the social media environment evolving.

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