Top Artificial Intelligence Based Cybersecurity Tools


The term cyber attack grow in volume and complexity and the computer science which is helps under the resourced security operations analysts keep prior threats. The Curating threat intelligence from various analysis papers which is mostly used in this term and have so much importance and it is blogs and news stories. The term AI technologies like machine learning and tongue process offer speedy insights to chop through the noise of daily alerts and the drastically reducing response times. You can visualize the AI helps analysts connect the dots between threats.

Artificial intelligence helps in cybersecurity by so many ways and tools and some of those tools are following in detail

1: X Sophos Intercept

Tool Intercept X uses deep learning neural networks that work just like the human brain. Most of use and many years back the United States Defense Advanced scientific research Agency. It is came up with their 1st Cyber ordering Program to uncover the polymer of malware and alternative cyber threats and which junction rectifier to the generation of algorithms on the Intercept X. This model is trained concerning real world feedback and sharing two and only two way threat intelligence through access to a lot of samples provided by information scientists. This leads to a high level of accuracy for existing malware and zero day malware which defect the all system and a lower false positive level.

2: TAA tool

TAA tool is employed to search out and expose hidden and targeted attacks. It implements AI and machine learning to the executables and it is knowledge which is most important and capabilities of Symantec security specialists and researchers. It was employed by Symantec to tackle the odonate 2.0 attack a number of years back and it is term of attack majorly targeted many energy corporations and tried to breach through and gain access to their operational networks. This tool focuses on recognizing and obtaining through suspicious activities at every node of the network to work out if any action complies any hidden activity.

3: IBM QRadar

The consultant because the name suggests and in this tool is from IBM and it uses IBM Watson technology to tackle and defend from cyber attack. It uses AI to mechanically investigate all the loopholes of exploits. QRadar advisors use psychological feature reasoning to produce important insight and additional accelerate the response cycle and is by exploitation QRadar Advisor and the term security analysts will assess threat incidents and scale back their risk of getting compromised.

5:  Dark Trace Antigena

The tool Antigena is that the tool developed by Dark trace for their active and time period self defense.  It will increase the only capability of Dark trace to sight and replicate digital protein functions that determine and neutralize threats and viruses. It identifies suspicious activities and responds in real time and  counting on the severity of the threat and by exploitation basic machine learning technology and the term Antigena identifies and protects from unknown threats as they emerge.

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