Top Best Python IDEs and Code Editors 2024

A software application that helps computer programmers to have full capacity for software development at their hands is a kind of Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Usually, an IDE includes a source code editor in addition to build automation tools and the debugger. One of the noticeable features that are often found in modern IDEs include smart code completion.

This article aims to demystify the best Python IDEs currently selling in the market

Definition of an IDE:

A development environment referred to as IDE is a tool that enables the programmer to in-line multiple components of writing a computer program thereby increasing their productivity through functionalities such as source code editing, executable building and debugging.

IDEs and Code Editors:

Software engines are tools used by the developers, software development tools include IDEs and code editors for their code writing and editing.

An IDE is defined as a software application that includes a number of tools and resources which help assist the developers in coded writing and debugging. A basic set of features for an IDE usually comprises a source code editor, compiler or interpreter, integrated debugger and a graphical user interface (GUI).

Alternatively, a code editor is a specific type of text editor program aimed at editing source code and possessing functions like syntax highlighting, code auto-completion and debugging. The main distinction between an IDE and a standard code editor is that an IDE contains the GUI (Graphical User Interface), as well as other tools such as code completion and debugging, which are not in standard code editors.

What is the Best Python IDE & Code Editor in 2024?

It has taken research to do the selection of the optimal Python IDE or code editor, what is considered the best-leading python IDE and coding editors. The assessment is made according to criteria number of views, functionality, user base and user reviews.

Top Best Python IDEs and Code Editors 2024

Top Python IDEs:

To find their optimal Python application development workspace, developers must glance through different Python IDEs.

  1. IDLE:

(Integrated Development and Learning Environment)

As an editor, IDLE is pre-installed as the default editor of Python and so it comes in handy for use by a developer.

It is a remarkable choice for beginners supporting macOS, Windows and Linux.

Key Capabilities:

  • Multiple file search capability
  • Interactive shell with syntax highlighting, errors and input-output messages
  • Smart paragraph indenting and common default features of a text editor.
  • A good debugger, so it is good for those who use Windows.


  1. PyCharm:

Now, JetBrains’ PyCharm is a great Python IDE and claims its place as the best one. The PyCharm is available in three forms Community, Educational and Professional (commercial) version which makes it easy to use for the well-known aspects of its Python nuances.

  • Great debugging abilities that come from remote and local capabilities.
  • Fitting into complementary tools, like Docker and version control systems like Git
  • There is support for web development frameworks such as Django, Flask, and web2py geared towards the needs of full-stack developers

PyCharm’s rich arsenal includes all the tools required for the whole software development life cycle that addresses different needs in an integrated and cohesive development environment. Its superior debugging tools, smart code completion and multiple frameworks compatibility is what make it an excellent choice for developers working with the Python language in various verticals.

If you consider yourself a beginner and would like to get simplicity with IDLE, or an advanced developer who needs a rich environment to create your code with PyCharm, it is crucial to understand your needs for the right choice in the realm of dynamic Python IDEs.


  1. Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code is an IDE offered by Microsoft, yet it is open source and free and is very popular in the Python development. VS Code is renowned for its lightweight nature and the fact that it possesses features as powerful as some of them like a paid IDE.

  • Enhanced code completion is performed due to several factors.
  • Seamless Git integration
  • In-editor code debugging
  • Extendibility with included new features such as code linting, themes and a large number of services.


  1. Sublime Text 3:

Sublime Text is an editor of codes that supports several languages, one of them is Python. It is famous for its high customization level, quick development time and trustworthiness.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Custom user commands are used to facilitate IDE use.
  • Efficient project directory management
  • More support for other packages, especially the ones that are relevant for both web and scientific Python development.


  1. Atom:

As Sublime Text, Atom is an open-source code editor by GitHub that can be considered close and it is about speed and usability.

Numerous Features:

  • Support for numerous plugins
  • Smart autocompletion
  • User communication support by custom command.
  • Cross-platform development capabilities.


  1. Spyder:

It is noteworthy that Spyder is an open-source IDE centered on scientific development, and is packaged with the “Anaconda” distribution which is popular among data scientists and machine engineers.

Main Features:

  • Support for various chart types and data manipulation
  • Integration with data science libraries such as “NumPy”, “Pandas” and “Matplotlib”.


  1. Thonny:

Thonny, an IDE designed for teaching and learning python programming, boasts features like:

  • Simple debugger
  • Function evaluation
  • Automatic syntax error detection
  • Detailed variable view in Python programs or projects.



The Python development world is filled with a wide range of IDEs and code editors that differ based on concentration and recognition. From the beginner-friendly Thonny to the heavyweight PyCharm, this article covered some best and top choices that you can test to find your ideal option. The IDLE that comes pre-installed can make for an easy starting point, but veterans may long for the larger canvas of Visual Studio Code or SublimeText. Those data scientists who have been waiting for integration in Spyder with NumPy and Pandas will not be disappointed at all. This is to remind you that the “best” IDE is not a universal solution. However, do not worry and stop here, just starts the path to your perfect Python development environment.

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