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Free download Mastering Bitcoin in PDF. This notes providing the knowledge you participate in the internet of money. Bitcoin is the first successful decentralized digital currency. It is still in its early stages and yet it’s already spawned a multibillion dollar global economy open to anyone with the knowledge and passion to participate.

Mastering Bitcoin provide the knowledge. You simply supply the passion. Mastering Bitcoin is the most thoroughly vetted reference for developers. This notes help you join the software revolution in the world of finance.

You Learn These Topics From This Notes:

1. Introduction

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • History of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Uses, Users and Their Stories
  • Getting Started

2. How Bitcoin Works

  • Transaction, Blocks, Mining and The Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Overview
  • Bitcoin Transaction
  • Constructing a Transaction

3. Bitcoin Core: The Reference Implementation

  • Bitcoin Development Environment
  • Compiling Bitcoin Core From The Source Code
  • Running a Bitcoin Core Node
  • Bitcoin Core Application Programming Interference

4. Keys, Addresses

  • Introduction 
  • Private and Public Keyes
  • Bitcoin Addresses
  • Implementing Keys and Addresses in Python

5. Wallets

  • Wallet Technology Overview
  • Nondeterministic (Random) Wallet
  • Wallet Technology Details
  • Wallet Best Practices
  • Mnemonic Code Words

6. Transactions

  • Introduction
  • Transaction in Detail
  • Transaction Outputs and Inputs
  • Transaction Scripts and Script Languages
  • Digital Signature

7. Advance Transactions and Scripting

  • Introduction
  • Multisignature
  • Pay-to-Script Hash
  • Data Recording Output
  • Scripts with Flow Controls

8. The Bitcoin Networks

  • Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture
  • Node Types and Roles
  • Bitcoin Relay Networks
  • Network Discovery

9. The Blockchain

  • Introduction
  • Structure of a Block
  • The Geneses Block
  • Merkle Trees 

10. Mining and Consensus

  • Introduction
  • Decentralized Consensus
  • Independent Verification of Transaction
  • Successfully Mining the Block

11. Bitcoin Security

  • Security Principles
  • Developing Bitcoin System Securely
  • User Security Best Practices
  • Physical Bitcoin Storage

12. Blockchain Applications

  • Introduction 
  • Building Blocks
  • Application From Building Blocks
  • Counterparty
  • Colored Coins
  • Using Colored Coins

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