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School Management system Database Design And Implementation

School Management System Database Design and Implementation Complete Tutorial with Examples.Sample Database Design for School Management system. This PDF will help you to Learn:

School Management system Data Flow Diagram

School Management system Context level Diagram

School Management system First Level Diagram

School Management system second Level Diagram

School Management system Entity Relationship Diagram

Complete Database Tables Diagrams

Complete System Detail


Introduction to School Management System 

Main Purpose of School management system is to make the whole school Activities on System.this system will maintain whole processes Add teachers, add Students,add Departments, control whole attendance system,registration processes  and this system automatically generate reports.

School Management System Scope 

Main Features of School Management system.

  • Insert student’s  as student name, student number, address etc.
  • Insert employee’s  as employee name, number, address etc.
  • Insert section’s  as section name etc.
  • Insert marks  in each subject he/she taken.
  • View data student.
  • View data about teachers.

Technology Use for School Management system 

Visual Studio 2012
SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
Microsoft Office Access

School Management System Data Flow Diagram



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